Accurate tuning under controlled conditions

Dyno tuning in a climate controlled environment produces highly accurate power and torque figures. Ozzy’s expertise and years of experience mean he immediately knows how to correct an engine fault when it becomes evident on the dyno. This means that we can achieve optimal engine performance for your bike.

NB: Please read our terms and conditions for requirements prior to booking a dyno tune.

State-of-the-art motorcycle dyno tuning facility

All remapping adjustments are fully tested in a controlled environment where we can manipulate climate conditions including temperature, humidity, and air density. This gives consistent results on the day of testing.

Our load controlled Dyna Pro dyno performs inertial acceleration testing, wind drag, sweep and step testing, and constant loading at any given engine speed or road speed.

The result is a highly accurate dyno tuning adjustment. It leaves your bike feeling much smoother, more responsive and a pleasure to ride.

Dyno tuning capabilities

On late model BMW, KTM, and Triumph model bikes we directly tune the bike’s own ECU using our in-house software program. This eliminates the need for power commanders or any other equipment.

We can perform the following dyno tuning adjustments:

  • disable stock O2 sensor
  • enable wide-band O2 sensor
  • adjust fan temperature
  • adjust RPM limiter
  • ram air maps
  • ignition maps
  • secondary throttle plate (STP) opening maps
  • injector balance maps
  • disable top speed limiter
  • quickshifter
  • alter traction settings
  • fuel maps in both IAP & TPS
  • return to stock options

Tuning and remap following exhaust modifications

If you have modified or replaced your motorcycle’s exhaust, book in for an accurate tune at our testing facility. We will make sure the engine receives the correct ratio of fuel and air mixture.

This results in a smoother, more fuel efficient bike. The engine is also protected from early wear and damage which occurs when the bike runs too lean.

Dyno reports

We can also perform a dyno test with gas analysis and issue a dyno chart showing the results of the power and fuelling checks.

These tests are performed at various throttle openings including load tests and full throttle power runs showing the maximum BHP reached.

LAMS motorcycles

Please note it is illegal to derestrict or modify a LAMS registered bike. Therefore we cannot tune Learner Approved bikes.