Please read these terms and conditions prior to booking and contact us with any questions.

Parts and consumables

Oz-racing uses only quality parts and consumables from trusted sources. Therefore we cannot accept motorcycle parts or consumables supplied by customers.

Supply full name, address, and rego

When booking, please supply your first and last name, full address, and motorcycle registration number. We need this information for insurance purposes in the unlikely event that your motorcycle is damaged while on our premises. If you would prefer to supply this information over the phone, please indicate this on your booking, and we’ll give you a call. Thank you for your understanding. We are a small family-run business with no employees, so your personal information is kept strictly confidential.

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Payment method

Our preferred payment method is cash. We do not currently have a credit card facility. We can also accept direct deposit/funds transfer however funds must clear into our account prior to bike pickup.


Cancellations within 48 hours of your booked date will incur a $100 cancellation fee. Please remember, we are a small business which prides itself on same-day service (unless we cannot get parts same day). This often means your bike is the only one booked in that day.

Dyno Tuning

Please note if you are booking in for a direct ECU tune and remap/ECU flush, you must have the following:

  1. Fresh fuel – no more than 1 week old.
  2. Fresh oil and filter, no more than 14 days old or 1000kms, whichever comes first.
  3. Quality oil, fully synthetic.
  4. Air filter clean or new.
  5. If aftermarket air filter is used, should be clean and oiled.
  6. New spark plugs (iridium preferred).
  7. The new exhaust must include the O2 sensor(s).

If these conditions are not adhered to we cannot accept your motorcycle on the day because there is a risk that performance results will be diminished, and serious damage may occur to your engine during tuning.