Specialists in motorcycle diagnostics

Our Moto-GP style workshop just outside Stanthorpe has the latest diagnostic tools and software for modern motorcycles.

To accurately diagnose faults on modern motorcycles, a workshop needs not only correct software, but expert mechanical engineering knowledge. This results in less fault-finding time and no costly mistakes.

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Motorcycle engine diagnostics

Oz-racing can provide engine diagnostics, electronic tuning, and accurate throttle body synchronisation using the correct tools and software including:

  • ISC controller
  • OBD matrix
  • Gas analyser
  • Uni probe

Electrical faults

All electrical repairs and diagnostics on both conventional and CAN-BUS systems. We are able to test:

  • batteries
  • starting and charging systems
  • CAN networks
  • voltage and resistance
  • fuel pressure
  • solenoid valves
  • rail pressure regulators

Reproducing faults at high speed

Faults that are only evident at high speeds can be reproduced in our controlled environment on the dyno using the on board gas analyser and data logging system. This enables us to accurately pinpoint the problem and reduces fault-finding time and potentially hazardous road testing.

Cooling system pressure testing

We can also test your cooling system for leaks or faulty thermostat.