We’ve recently been made aware of a number of motorcycles advertised or sold with fake stickers in the service manuals displaying the Oz-racing logo. The bikes have been advertised as being serviced by Oz-racing, however these bikes have never been serviced here. We never use stickers to stamp service manuals.

Please phone us before purchasing a second-hand motorcycle that purports to be serviced at Oz-racing, even if you believe the seller is reputable. We are happy to check our records to verify whether the bike has been serviced here.

So far 11 bikes have been found with either fake stamps or stickers. We cannot mention names due to current legal action for trademark infringement.

Image above: Fake stickers and signature in the service manual of a recently purchased second-hand bike. The bike had never been serviced by Oz-racing, and there was no record of a service history on the BMW server.

Another example showing fake stamp using the Oz-racing logo.