Frame Testing

If your motorcycle has been in an accident, or if you have bought or are selling a pre-owned bike, Oz-racing’s frame testing services will give you an accurate assessment of the geometry of your motorcycle.

Based in Brisbane, Oz-racing Mechanical & Engineering is the only workshop in Queensland that is qualified and equipped to offer frame testing and certification services, giving you peace of mind before you head out onto the road.

How does frame testing work?

Our computer based system measures key touch points to check the alignment of your motorcycle frame, forks, subframes, rims, etc.

The system connects immediately to the relevant manufacturer, compares the data recorded from your bike against manufacturer’s tolerances and issues a report.

Engineer’s Certification

Where required for insurance purposes, Oz-racing Mechanical & Engineering can also issue a certification which either:

  • guarantees that the geometry of the motorcycle is within manufacturer’s tolerances; or
  • certifies that there is damage to either the frame, swing-arm, sub-frame, rims, forks etc.

If damage to the geometry of your bike is beyond repair, you have the option to complete the certification. This notifies Queensland Transport immediately, and your motorcycle is written off. It speeds up the insurance process.

Benefits of motorcycle frame testing

  • eliminates labour-intensive dismantling, thereby saving time and money
  • provides an accurate report showing exactly where the damage is present (if any)
  • gives you total confidence that the bike is straight and safe to ride.